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Finned heat exchangers
Used as an air-cooled liquid cooler, air heater, gas/ gas heat exchanger, steam condenser, generator cooler, for heat recovery etc.
Tube bundle heat exchangers
Used for heating or cooling oils and gases with water or similar liquid media with increased pressure.
Sterile shell and tube heat exchanger
ETS sterile shell and tube heat exchangers meet all cGMP guidelines and are suitable for use in FDA approved facilities.
Plate heat exchangers
ETS plate heat exchangers can be used practically anywhere, provided that there are no great differences in pressure between the media.
Special heat exchangers
We are specialised in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers which have to meet special requirements and are able to offer an ideal solution to practically any heating problem.
Cooling and heating units
Complete cooling and re-cooling systems for cooling closed and open circuits.
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