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ETS: Energie-Technik-Systeme

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Heat Exchanger options

Finding the right type of heat exchanger is essential to the smooth running of your industrial plant or operation, and at ETS we manufacture a range that is versatile and cost effective.

Heat exchanger - choose your solution

The type of heat exchanger that best suits your needs can be easily selected from our comprehensive range. We are adept at the design and manufacture of various specific types whether you require a finned heat exchanger, a plate heat exchanger, a special heat exchanger or a sterile shell and tube heat exchanger. We can also create a heat exchanger that is customised to fit your equipment or space or which can cope with certain liquids. A heat exchanger is widely held to be one of the most economical and efficient ways to raise or lower the temperature or pressure of liquid or gases. Fin heat exchangers are sometimes called compact heat exchangers thanks to their efficient design. The fin exchanger is most commonly used to heat or cool liquids with gases or indeed, gases with liquids, or for condensing and evaporating refrigerants and coolants. Its construction allows it to accommodate large active outdoor lamellar surfaces in a small volume, making it perfect for use in the machine and paper industries or power and chemical plants. We're able to create bespoke exchangers using a range of materials such as steel stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, copper and copper-nickel, so do talk to us if you have special requests.

Heat exchanger - thinking of a specialised solution?

A shell and tube heat exchanger is exactly as its name implies and consists of tubes bundled inside a shell. Like every ETS heat exchanger it is available in different sizes and materials combinations, but can be made to your personal design or specification. The plate heat exchanger is one of the most widely used types, and ETS products can be customised to fit hard to reach or unusual spaces. This style of heat exchanger is most commonly used in industrial, commercial and residential water heaters which supply buildings with hot water and heat. However, its unique design allows it to be used with other liquids. In the dairy industry for example, a plate heat exchanger can be used to heat and cool milk rapidly for sterilisation purposes. ETS excel in the design and manufacture of specialised heat exchangers. Our special gaskets mean that you can have a heat exchanger made to withstand even the most aggressive, volatile or corrosive liquids - a perfect choice for chemical plants and power plant technology. At ETS we use unique computer programmes to create the heat exchanger you really want, and at highly attractive rates.

An ETS heat exchanger is cost effective, durable and reliable. Our units are easy to install and operate, and when in position need little further maintenance. Take a closer look at www.ets.ch or contact our team by e mail or telephone.

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