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ETS: Energie-Technik-Systeme

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Plate heat exchanger - What is it?

The most common use for a plate heat exchanger is of course in domestic and industrial boilers and water heating units. These versatile components are highly efficient, and plate heat exchangers have been proven to be one of the most cost effective ways to heat or cool water and other liquids. ETS is a leading name in plate heat exchanger design and manufacture, and offers a variety of units that can be used in different locations.

The basic function of a plate heat exchanger is to act as a conduit between two bodies of liquid where fast changes in pressure or temperature are required. These unique products are used in food manufacture, the marine industry, dairy farming, industrial and chemical plants and as heating units. ETS supplies plates that are suitable for use with even the most aggressive liquids, and their even surface area and compact design allows liquid temperatures to be increased or decreased rapidly and evenly. Energie-Technik-Systeme AG is based in Switzerland, and the company has been creating high quality industrial components such as its plate heat exchanger range since 1991.

Plate heat exchanger - what makes the models from ETS special?

An ETS plate heat exchanger is more powerful and economically viable than its traditional counterparts and compares favourably with spiral and tube exchangers. A plate heat exchanger of the type you can see at has greater thermal efficiency and recovery and is very easy to install and operate. We produce both titanium and stainless steel plates, but are able to work in other metals according to your needs. Perhaps you want a plate in a specific size; our specially designed computer programmes allow us to create a plate heat exchanger in the dimensions you need quickly and at the most competitive rates.

The ETS range of heat exchangers has been created for use in today's busy and rapidly developing world. Each plate heat exchanger can be used at up to 25 bar pressure and for temperatures from -180 ° C to + 200 ° C. We even produce a plate heat exchanger with specially designed seals or gaskets that is able to withstand volatile or aggressive liquids, and the ETS plate heat exchanger line includes brazed, gasket and semi-welded types, free flow plate heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators and a number of specialised types.

We deliver on our promise for the optimal plate heat exchanger

Whether you require a powerful heating unit for an industrial plant or whether you're looking for a plate heat exchanger that can cope with corrosive liquids or which needs to rapidly heat and cool liquids like milk, we'll endeavour to find the most suitable and economical solution. Why not take a closer look?

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